I accidentally burned some condensators of the motherboard,sent it to a repair shop and he replaced/fixed the hardware problems.

Now the caps lock blinks 5 long 3 short which means "Waiting for Bios", screen is black!

I have seen some tutorials on how this is fixed and they say to remove the pcr bios battery for 1 min , however I do not have this battery...

Does anyone know how to reset the bios/fix it?

Please let me knowimg

  • The repair shop probably did not do too much, and your laptop is probably unrepairable. More clearly, it would require an electroengineer with a laboratory, and the docs of the laptop what the HP won't ever release for mortals. However, this site is not for "how to fix my hardware" questions, it is for "I am looking for a new hardware" questions. – peterh - Reinstate Monica Oct 4 at 21:08

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