I want to upgrade my computer by adding more memory to it. My PC runs on UBUNTU 16.04

Here are my system specs:
Processor: AMD A8-7650K
Motherboard: MSI A68HM-E33 V2
RAM: ADATA 2x8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 (I'm not sure about the model number)

I thought of purchasing: 1600MHz 2x8GB DDR3 PC3-12800 Desktop PC DIMM Memory

I think I have 4 slots, two are occupied with 8GB 1600 MHZ, and 2 more slots are free. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: the model number of the memory:

ADATA AD3U1600D8GM-8 DDR3_1600(11)8GX 16_U_DIMM 10242281

  • @Romen I said I have two DIMM DDR3 Synchronous 1600 MHz memory sticks. And as for the motherboard, I'll add it to my edit. – Alan Sep 24 '20 at 18:36
  • To give you a tentative answer, whatever is on this list should be completely safe to use with your board; But we still need to know the model of your current memory sticks to be sure they will be compatible with what we recommend. – Romen Sep 24 '20 at 18:41
  • @Romen I added the memory's type and speed, is this fine now? – Alan Sep 24 '20 at 18:43
  • 1
    I submitted an edit to the question that greatly simplifies it and makes it easier to read. – Romen Sep 24 '20 at 19:11
  • 1
    @Romen I added the model number, please take a look at the edited post. Thanks! – Alan Sep 25 '20 at 13:44

This is a duplicate of my own answer at Super User.

This is designed to be the beginnings of a canonical answer to a frequently-asked question, designed for non-experts to rapidly find a solution. If you already know how to do this, see the last paragraph ;)

Do you know what Unbuffered non-ECC means, or why you might need ECC instead?
Do you know the difference between PC4-19200 & PC4-21300 or CLS 15 & CLS 19?
Do you know why DDR4-2666 & PC4-21300 seem to be the same thing with different numbers?

If the answer to any of these is a resounding No then let the experts do it for you.

Many of the large online RAM retailers have automatic configurator pages which will correctly identify your computer & list all possible options for memory upgrades.

It's their job. They're good at it.
Of course, you don't need to actually buy from them directly, you could use the information they provide to purchase from elsewhere, but they provide this service in the hope that they will pick up the business from it & invest time & effort into making sure their databases are up to date & accurate.

This is an incomplete list - these are the major market sellers & not a comprehensive list of all available services. They all have country redirects, so if possible let it move over to your own territory. The following start at the UK link, simply because that's where I'm based.


  • Corsair
  • Crucial
  • Kingston [This one is not fully automatic, you need to start with your computer's or motherboard's model number.]

Of course, if none of this is an issue for you & you already know how to look up your own RAM requirements, then just install Speccy, HWInfo or CPU-Z & off you go…

But if you already know… what are you doing reading down as far as this? ;)

No affiliation with any product or service mentioned above.

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