I'm taking up a major project for my final year in college through which I plan on learning about the ARM architecture.

I want to build my own custom development board instead of using a pre-designed one. I understand the time and effort this will take and my professors and mentors will help me through this process.

My requirements are:

  1. I need the development board to run be able to run linux OS. I will be programming in C++.

  2. Wi-Fi is a must.

  3. I will also be using voice recognition for voice commands.

  4. I will need to connect a few sensors and actuators.

  5. Low power and long lasting on battery.

  6. An LCD or LED display.

As this is a project, I'm looking for cheaper options. I do not want to use something like an arduino or raspberry pi simply because I want to have this learning experience.

I'm a complete beginner in ARM architecture and honestly do not know where to start. I've programmed on an Atmel architecture in the past(on a pre-designed development board) as well as arduino.

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