I am looking for recommendations for a webcam with good microphone for low-volume voice for Chromebook and Windows PC.

  • Intended use: Zoom meetings.
  • Audio: The person using it speaks in soft (low volume) voice, so the mic has to be able to transmit the sound well.
  • Video: Average quality is acceptable (audio is much more important).
  • Computer: Chromebook (major use) and Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop running Windows 10 (minor use).
  • Budget: $30-100.

Found so far these models, but also looking for better alternatives:

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We ended up buying this webcam (not listed in the OP):

We have been using it for 2 years, mostly with a Chromebook. It works fine with the Skype web app and the Zoom app.

The only con is that it is not recognized by the Skype app for ChromeOS.

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