I'm building a system to play the latest games at max settings at 1920x1080 and get as close to 30 FPS as possible within the budget.

The trouble is that the website I'm buying from is in Romanian, so using it depends on how patient you are with a few translations.

Location: Romania, Bucharest

Site of choice: dc-shop.ro ("Componente & Monitoare" from the homepage) / EDIT: Also using emag.ro (top-left "Oferta Produse" -> "PC, Periferice & Software")

---Part requirements--------

Price limit: 700 RON

Format: ATX

Color: Black/Dark grey

Design: Simple, no LEDs, no side panels

Internal: Should fit the largest GPU (newest models) & as screwless as possible

Cooling: Air cooled, min 2 front fans & 1 back fan as large as possible

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  • @NZKshatriya IIRC Build requests for specific components are on topic, provided that they aren't too broad (which this question might be in danger of being)
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