I am looking forward to build a fanless mini-ITX computer (with a dedicated computer case). The criteria that are important to me for this platform are the following:

  1. Reliability: no system crash, no instability
  2. Durability: long-term system stability (think of a home server running 24/7 for years)
  3. Performance: as high as possible given the energy constraints and that 1. and 2. are met

The rest of the platform will be:

Given my criteria and my CPU and motherboard, I would like to know what would be the best memory that would fit my needs given the following constraints:

  • Type: DDR4 DIMM (non-ECC)
  • Amount: 64 GB (2x32 GB kit)
  • LED: for equivalent kits performance-wise, without LEDs will be prefered
  • Voltage: for equivalent kits performance-wise, the lower the better
  • Brand: preferably one known for reliability, stability, and durability
  • Max price: irrelevant in the limit of about 500 euros/dollars for the kit

Since I am looking for something extremely stable, I am unlikely to tweak a million options in the BIOS. Overclocking will not be a thing, since it will be for something that will be used as a fanless home server most of the time. But even with these constraints, I am looking for the best possible performance.

Any advice? I am looking for 2 or 3 good options that would fit my needs.

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