Anyone ought to be familiar with a 120v power meter, or watt meter, such as the kill-a-watt brand of watt meter like this

enter image description here

They are easily found online... amazon... less than $20.

Is there one that will do 208 volt single phase and be able to be used in a server room where rack servers run on 208 volt power using those female type 208v power cords and the PDU's that are in a server rack?

I would like to use some kind of watt meter that will measure wattage/amperage on 208v for just one server running, to understand the power draw of a given server when it is on but idle vs when software is crunching on it.

And i don't need a convenient all in one meter like in the pic. I am ok with building a box and doing any wiring to make a safe and temporary connection to make a amp/watt measurement. So any kind of amperage or watt [panel] meter I am ok with if it is not overly expensive and reasonably accurate in the 20 watt to 5000 watt range at 208 volt.

Here is what a PDU (power distribution unit) within a server rack looks like.

enter image description here

The power cable from this PDU to the wall, has an L6-30P plug where the receptacle on the wall is an L6-30R.

Where I want to measure is after the PDU, coming from one of its eleven C14 receptacles. I have plenty of C14 power cords I can cut a few up.

https://www.webberelectronics.com/info/iec-chart The actual socket might be C18/C19/C20, I don't know and it kinda doesn't matter because I have plenty of those power cords that I can use to wire up an amperage/watt meter. I am basically just looking for any kind of panel meter that will measure amperage/wattage at 208 volt.

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