While connecting our small school to a new building, we're facing a problem: a tiny road splits "campus" in two, and we're not allowed to pass fiber cable over the street. Initially, we were planning to lay a 10Gbit fiber optic cable.

Are there any radio repeaters/antennas that can reliably keep the connection with an optimal quality grade? Distance between two points 8/10 meters. What costs, equipment and performance (speed & latency) may I expect?


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BlackBox offers professional radio bridge links, but you are not limited to radio: A no-license-required infrared laser bridge can provide one or 10 gigabit/second of bandwidth as described at https://hackaday.com/2016/03/10/gigabit-ethernet-through-the-air/ , at http://www.koruza.net/features/ , and http://quickstart.koruza.net/ for less than two thousand Euros (VAT & freight not included).

Run a gigabit or 10 gigabit LAN connection to a point on walls which face each other. You can use power over Ethernet or bring out a 24VDC connection capable of 6W of power.

Mount a two kilo, 18 cm x 12 cm x 12cm, Koruza box on each wall.

Diagram and photo of Koruza infrared laser optical bridge

Align each laser to point at each other with the green laser included.

Then, turn off the aiming laser, and the eye-safe infrared laser in each Koruza box will connect through snow, dust, rain, and fog.

I would expect < 1ms latency per this study .

Koruza is not the only vendor of infrared optical laser bridges, BTW; BlackBox also offers professional grade infrared laser optical bridges as well as 60 GHz radio bridges, and Ronja offers a DIY 10 Mbps optical kit if you are have severe budgetary constraints.

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