I am really tired from stutterings and slowings of my 2C/4T 15W Laptop. It has Dual Channel 8GB RAM and a relatively good SSD so I know these are not the bottlenecks. But I'm tired when I upload a relatively small dataset (like, 300-400 MBs) into PyCharm or RStudio my laptop becomes really slow (not only when uploading but also after the upload) and becomes rather unusable. And now I have 2 options:

1-) A 600 dollars budget business laptop which has 32GB Single Channel only RAM and 10510U (4C/8T, 15W) with a really nice screen and keyboard. This laptop only is 1 KG.

2-) Asus TUF A15 which is pretty have but comes with a dedicated GPU (1650ti), 8 GBs upgradable Dual Channel RAM and a Ryzen 4800H (8C/16T, 45W). This laptop is heavy as hell and screen although being IPS is pretty dim and colourless.

I will not do extreme works in laptop but I expect to study Python and perhaps create some 10.000 lines of applications. If I was 100% sure that the lightweight laptop would be enough and I would not see stuttering in opening applications, running some codes and perhaps creating an indie or casual mobile game; I would buy it. Otherwise, I will probably go with the gaming laptop.

Thanks for your suggestions!

  • Can you tell why is your current laptop slow? Is it outdated CPU or low RAM? If the latter is the case more ram is a must (at least 16, better if 32G). Otherwise, 4800H is much faster CPU than 10510U afaik. The other thing to consider--light and small computer cannot handle much power (i.e. Watts) due to little cooling capacity. I think your first item is adequate for this task but you may run into limits later. – Ott Toomet Jun 7 '20 at 15:14

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