I've above average sized palms.

I'm looking for a simple mouse which I can use comfortably for my daily purpose. And which can last longer than 1 year. In past I've tried a few big ones but they turned out to be useless after sometime due to left click problems.

I prefer wireless, but if wired have better option, then I'll not mind.

My daily average mouse usage is 4-5 hours.

Kindly suggest.


You may find that you can solve your ergonomic considerations with a trackball type input device. Logitech has been making the TrackMan Marble for many years. The device provides a rest for your palm and does not move. The ball (marble) is under one's thumb (right handed people only) while the mouse buttons fall to the proper locations for left and right clicking and mouse wheel action.

trackman marble

The above image is from the Office Depot web site, but Amazon and other sources of this device abound. The image is of a wireless version and I did not search for the wired type.

I've worn out about three of these over the last few decades, mostly the mouse buttons. They either fail to click or register a double click when one desires a single click.

Because the base remains stationary, it's also easier on your elbow and shoulder, if one is prone to repetitive stress injury.

There are other manufacturers of similar designs, but my experience (all good) is with the genuine Logitech product.

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