I am searching for a USB (A or C male) to TOSLINK Adapter (female) in order to keep my audio signal digital as long as possible.

What is important that I do not need to install specific drivers (this is especially important for Linux).


Alternatively it could be S/PDIF instead of TOSLINK.

  • I have an old USB 1.1 stick with combo analog and optical out (Mini-TOSLINK) that I bought for $15 about 15 years ago, and it Just Works with the regular USB Audio drivers. Generic brands are more likely to use the common baseline, which it sounds like you are looking for. – chrylis -cautiouslyoptimistic- May 29 at 21:43

I've had good luck with MiniDSP products for this. For example:


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You will find what you are looking for listed as a USB DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) even though technically, toslink is not analog and you may not need the DAC functionality for your purpose.

There is a long list on amazon. This one claims to be Plug-and-play and need no drivers.

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  • That's the problem. DACs are a way more expensive. That's why I wanted I small USB to TOSLINK converter which just keeps the signal digital. Actually I boundle the the TOSLINK signals with splitter and route it to one high quality DAC. – holzkohlengrill Jun 3 at 13:41
  • The one I linked is $24. Even if someone makes a dedicated adapter with only toslink, I doubt it would be any cheaper. – Alphy13 Jun 3 at 14:11
  • At least this one looks promising. – holzkohlengrill Jun 3 at 16:38

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