I'm looking into bias lighting for behind my monitor. I would prefer a device that has HDMI passthru since I plug in a few different devices (laptop, Nintendo Switch, etc.). The monitor is 2560x1080. I really don't like the idea of camera-based bias lighting.

I found this company which looks pretty good, but I don't know if their "HD" device works with that aspect ratio/resolution. Their support contact also doesn't seem to like replying (both the form and email).

To summarize:

  • RGB Bias lighting kit
  • HDMI passthru
  • support for 2560x1080 resolution
  • Yes, reviews on Amazon amazon.com/… can be critical of their lack of responsiveness. – K7AAY May 22 at 19:12

No alternative found using HDMI pass-through.

A camera-based alternative is Ambivision (their Kickstarter campaign). Their email is support@ambivision.tv; their Skype is labteam.innovations .

A computer-only alternative is AmbiLED HD (their Kickstarter campaign) but it does not use HDMI passthrough.

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  • Where did you see that Ambivision doesn't use cameras? Their website directly states they use a 180--degree fisheye camera. I also already know how Stack Exchange works – tycrek May 22 at 19:26

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