It should give power to them, and give a SATA connection to them. Roughly so:

HDD rack mount

...except that I want to put 3.5'' SATA drives in it.

What I want, externally: simple SATA slots, connected to the drives directly. All "intelligent" solutions, particularly complex NAS servers, etc. are all big no-no. I only want a physical storage for the hard disks, the NAS part is done by me.

Nice to have, but not a requirement, if at least some of the HDDs can be hot-swapped (removed without screws).

Price should be consequent to the near-zero electronics. (Obviously it should be cheaper than a NAS.)

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This is a rack-mounted JBOD (Just a Box Of Disks) 19" enclosure for 3.5" SATA drives.

8 bays for 3.5" drives

12 bays for 3.5" drives

Both are hot-swap compatible if your controller supports that. Controller cables are readily available from that source, once you make a selection of what you want, but the standard SATA port on a motherboard is designed to control just one drive, so for an enclosure like this, you will need a 2-port JBOD controller (or more ports) for the number of SATA drives you plan to use.

19" rack-mount drives the price up; if you would accept a freestanding cabinet, the price drops, but you would need to specify the number of drive bays.


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