I am getting current on the screws and metal portions of my computer for some reason and it only happens when i am standing on the ground and using the tester or getting zapped by it on the softer side of my hand, i.e., upper skin portion. So, i tried checking all kind of ports. Try draining the PC of extra charge etc. Doesn't work.

But, i found out that the PC is not the problem but my Power port or the Power cable may be. So, Below is the spec and images of my power cable.

it is a i sheng sp 62 bs1363/a 13amps fused cable rated 13A, 250V on head of the cable and 10A, 250V on the output pin.

i sheng sp 62 bs1363/a 13amps fused[![][1]]2

So, i checked it on every power ports/sockets i have. The power sockets i have in my home is rated 20 & 10 A, 240V ( This cable only fits on that kind of port only ). They are fine like Live is having current, Earth and Neutral have no current but when i plug this PSU cable into the port i found that a small current is passing through the Earth port of the output pin of the power cable. But, tester only detects it when i am on the ground or touched to some walls etc.

I am afraid of putting my PC on this cable. Please help.

P.S. : I live in India. So, any cable that suit the wiring would be nice to know. Also, this is a UK cable i got because of the cooler master platinum PSU i guess. They don't make Indian version of it.

Let me reinstate the problem in bullet points. It may be clearer.

  1. The power ports of my home is showing no sign of any current other than on the Live.
  2. When i plug in the PSU cable to the power port, It's showing current on Earth of the PSU output head but only when i am standing on ground or touching anything grounded.
  3. I have a inverter which supply power to my house in case of brown outs It is a 1450VA inverter quite enough to run my PC too. But, for test purposes i remove the inverter supply from the main power supply of home and attach the PSU cable to the output of inverter. Weirdly, PSU cable show no such behavior as mentioned in the 2nd point.
  4. So, I guess there is something wrong with the mains but 1st point doesn't show any such sign.

I am just going crazy because can't figure out which is the trouble.

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    The other thing to note is that if you're buying a UK three-pin cable, make sure it has a CE mark or BS kitemark - those markings indicate that the cable has passed European or British safety standards, respectively, and is therefore safe to use. I don't see those marks anywhere on the cable in your picture, and I don't recognise the brand - I wouldn't trust that cable with an LED, let alone mains power. Use recognised equipment or don't use any.
    – ArtOfCode
    Apr 24, 2020 at 1:30
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    @ArtOfCode Sorry didn't know that. I thought it is related to hardware. So, i asked here. Hey Mod!, can you transfer this question to super user though?! I don't know what others will answer. I somewhat solved it for now by simply and literally earthing the the earth of my plug and socket by hammer and nail and a 3 ft long wire right on the wall . It's a LOL type solution but i guess it is working. So far no zapping or current flow in to the system. :) But, i would love to hear any other solution rather than hanging a wire over my head. So, can you please transfer it to super user?! Apr 24, 2020 at 10:40
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    I don't know if Super User will take it, but I'll ask one of their moderators.
    – ArtOfCode
    Apr 24, 2020 at 10:50
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    @ArtOfCode Thanks. I checked my cable. There is no BS kite or CE mark. It has a mark saying approved by ASTA though. Don't know what is that. This Mark Apr 24, 2020 at 10:56
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    intertek.com/marks/asta/diamond explains the source of the ASTA certification mark. "The ASTA Diamond Mark is one of the few certification marks that the United Kingdom (UK) authorities accept for 3-pin plugs. UK law requires that 3-pin plugs be certified against BS1363 by an accredited certification body like Intertek. The ASTA Diamond Mark fulfils the mandatory requirements for the approval of 3-pin plugs to BS1363 for sale in the UK and over 40 other countries."
    – K7AAY
    Apr 24, 2020 at 15:40


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