Just for context, I am currently using an Aten US424-AT switch. The scenario is to switch between a main machine (always powered on) and at least one other. On occasion there'd be more than one other, but I'll be perfectly happy if I can switch between just two PCs.

The problem I have with the existing switch is that it provides no keyboard hotkey (such as Scroll Lock) to switch between devices. Additionally whenever I switch devices, they get disconnected and so when one switches between PCs, the USB keyboard/mouse get discovered by the PC I switch to, which causes a delay longer than I find acceptable.

Now the connection/disconnection issue as well as the lack of a hotkey may be directly owed to the fact that it's a passive KM switch (no power supply of its own). So an active switch would be okay if either one of the cables USB to/from a PC doubles as power cable or if a dedicated USB cable can be used for the power supply at all (again, one of the machines is always on and so it could easily power the switch via USB, but I'd hate to have yet another external power supply).

Anyway, so as a recap, here's what I am looking for:

  • USB KM switch
  • switching possible by hotkey (preferably Scroll Lock) and hardware button (on the switch)
  • ability to "fake" keyboard/mouse to the inactive PC
  • passive or powered by a USB cable
  • no need to support audio
  • no need to support (USB) device classes other than mouse and keybord ("HID")

Budget: up to 150 € for switching between 4 PCs, less for 2.

NB: I realize that this is not about a KVM switch (), but there seems to be no distinction made from looking at existing tags. And the says not to use the tag for KVM switches. So I guess when just video (V) is missing, the is still the better choice.

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