I've recently been in the market to purchase a new upgrade hard drive for my laptop. I know it has a standard mechanical drive in it currently and was thinking of upgrading to nvme compatible SSD drive. Possibly one of the m2 style. Which drive would you all recommend as a budget-friendly performance device that can be purchased in the US? Thanks. A 500mb or 1T is a few of the ones I've or seen previously. Also anyone has an extra or old used one for sale I may be interested?

Also sorry the model of PC that I have is a Asus x540l

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    Your laptop does not have an m.2 slot. And it does not support NVMe. All you can upgrade to is a 2.5" SATA SSD. – user13807 Apr 12 at 9:10

The cheapest I would go with 2.5" SATA SSDs is Crucial MX500. That should cost you around 100$ for 1TB.
See my comment about other form factors like m.2 and protocols like NVMe not being supported by your laptop.

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