Pretty much as stated in the heading. Can anyone advise what replacement fan I should buy for a Nvidia Geoforce 210.

I have very little knowledge of hardware so any extra information would be greatly appreciated.

enter image description here

And here are some photos of the casd: enter image description here

enter image description here

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    Depends on the exact model of your graphics card. For example, most graphics cards with a GT210 GPU are passively cooled, i.e. they don't have a fan at all. – user13807 Apr 10 at 8:37
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    @mecheng my one definitely has a fan because it is making too much noise and I want to replace it. The fan is on the bottom and is approx the width of the graphics card – Alex Apr 10 at 9:02
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    I did not want to imply that yours does not have a fan. All I am saying is that it is impossible to recommend which fan to buy, when we don't have the graphics card model. "GT210" is not an answer to this question. For example "Gigabyte GeForce GT 210 LP Aktiv" would be helpful. – user13807 Apr 10 at 10:30
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    @MechEng apologies if my reply sounded unhelpful. Could you advise how I could look this up. I have tried device manager properties, but all it says is NVIDIA GeForce 210. I have added a snip of that info – Alex Apr 10 at 14:36
  • Alex, you'll need to dismount the card after shutting down the PC and unplugging the power cord. Once the card is out, there will be a sticker in the center of the fan (I can see it's there, but it's too dim to read). That has the part number you need to search for a replacement or equivalent. Photograph both sides of the card in good light (so you get good focus) so you can find who really made the card; NVIDIA made the chipset but it's unlikely NVIDIA made your card, someone else did. Knowing that will also help. – K7AAY Apr 10 at 15:09

Here is what I would do: The card is very easy to cool thanks to low performance and power consumption. Proof: lots of passively cooled variants with rather small heatsinks exist. And replacement fans are hard to find, potentially expensive (considering the value of the card), and might produce similar noise.

I would buy a relatively silent 60mm case fan, and mount that e.g. with zip ties to the heatsink of the card. And disconnect the existing fan. For example: https://www.blacknoise.com/site/en/products/noiseblocker-it-fans/nb-blacksilentfan-series/60x60x25mm.php?lang=EN
These run at 2100rpm or 1600rpm when connected directly to 12V, and cost around 5€. That should be barely noticeable, considering the PC also has a stock Intel CPU cooler.

Edit forgot to mention: A GT 210 is not exactly a capable GPU. In fact, it is even slower than most graphics solutions integrated into Intel CPUs. So unless you use this GPU to get additional display connectors that your motherboard does not provide, you could simply ditch the card and use the CPUs integrated graphics instead.

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  • Especially agree with the assessment that the GT210 is not exactly capable. – K7AAY Apr 12 at 1:27

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