I need to replace my Toshiba Satellite L655-13X battery with a new one. The batteries I found are for L655-S5083, and L655-S5150. They appear to be the same in the picture to my battery. However, how can I confirm? The description doesn't say anything about compatibility with other models.

So my question is: how to know if all Toshiba Satellite L655-* are the same in terms of battery physical structure?

I understand that I need to have the exact same voltage. More mAh and/or Wh is better. The problem is with the size.


Contact a sales rep at Batteries Plus which has a very detailed set of choices for Toshiba L655 series batteries. Make it a 'condition of sale' that it must fit. If the sales rep quibbles or won't agree to the stipulation, that's a red flag, because it guarantees your bank or credit card company will chargeback against them if it doesn't work or fit. Vendors hate chargebacks.

Also, two websites were found which show compatibility (thanks to the OP!):




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