I use the computer for very long times and need a new mouse.

Regular mice are not comfortable, since I can not find a mouse that is big enough to fill the palm. Therefore, it is annoying because the mouse does not fit the palm exactly.

I tried vertical mice, but there is another problem with them. Clicking causes the mouse to move a bit because clicking happens in the horizontal axis. So either the mouse moves a little bit with each click which is annoying, or one should pay much attention to prevent it from moving by pushing by the thumb a little bit in the reverse direction which is also very annoying.

Does someone know a good ergnomic vertical mouse that does not have this problem? Or any other suggestions?

  • Your question is about a vertical mouse, hence my comment in place of an answer. Have you considered the Logitech TrackMarble? Available in wired and wireless and very ergonomic. I had carpal tunnel until I moved to the marble. No movement problem with clicking. – fred_dot_u Apr 4 at 16:18
  • MV=MV, right? Add mass to the vertical mouse (take it apart, but lead fishing sinkers inside the hollow space, glue in place or hold in place with putty), close it up. Now, when you click, there's more mass to hold it in place, and the form from your click won't be as large, proportionately, so you will shove it around less. Imperfect solution. but may be useful. – K7AAY Apr 21 at 22:53

I use an ergonomic Adesso iMouse E1 (right-handed). It’s not straight-up vertical, it has a natural curve-over, making button-1 more of a diagonal click. The bottom of my wrist rests on the desktop, helping to ground any inadvertent sliding, and I’ve use it to pixel-adjust photos.

I have the resolution set very high so the slightest movement takes the cursor from one side of the screen to the other with very little wrist motion. I haven’t experienced any cursor movement while clicking. My hand’s mass and thumb, combined with the diagonal-axis click seem to prevent what you describe.

Link to website: https://www.adesso.com/product/imouse-e1-vertical-ergonomic-illuminated-mouse/ There’s also a left-handed version, the E7-TAA iMouse.

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A try to Fry's (4 miles away) gave me the chance (while looking for other stuff) to try multiple vertical mice. All have the problem you mentioned.

Alternate suggestion: Take the biggest horizontal mouse you find acceptable, and then build it up to fit your hand with the application of Sugru, a putty which dries solid without feeling tacky.

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