I'm looking for the perfect keyboard and mouse. This is what perfect means for me:

  • Normal shape, not interested in ergonomic curves, foldable etc.
  • Slim and light keyboard & mouse
  • Low profile keys
  • Wireless, with both keyboard and mouse working off a single USB dongle
  • Rechargeable would be nice, but not essential
  • Traditional UK keyboard layout. The most important part is I want a "\" key between the "Shift" and the "z"

I thought Jelly Comb basically did what I want, in something like this, but alas, they've put the "\" key above "Enter". So many keyboards seem to either do that or put "\" as a function option on the "z".

I also ordered this, which has the layout I'm looking for, but it's just too big and clunky, the keys are too high profile. I don't like typing on it at all.

Anyone know of such a slim, low-profile wireless keyboard & mouse combo?


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