Hello everyone currently the PC in my possession is an Alienware, for a total of about 2,500 euros. Alienware m15 R2 – Intel® Core™ i7-9750H di nona generazione (hexa-core, 12 MB di cache, fino a 4,5 GHz con Turbo Boost) NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 con 8 GB di GDDR6 e design Max-Q 16 GB, 2 x 8 GB, DDR4 a 2.666 MHz 1 TB (2 SSD PCIe M.2 da 512 GB) RAID0 UHD OLED (3.840 x 2.160) da 15,6″, 60 Hz, 1 ms, gamut di colori HDR-400 DCI-P3 + tecnologia di tracciamento oculare Tobii.

Mainly I bought this pc, after being well informed, to work in the field of graph, 3D, and animation. Being also a gaming PC, its performance remains excellent for many recent titles of games . Although his performance has not yet disappointed me, I am certainly not the top. The cooling is great but under stressful conditions the overheating is felt and the materials it is made stained in contact with the skin.

I'm undecided whether to keep this pc or look for a better-performing one for: rendering, 3D modeling, or software like blender, aftere effects and unreal engine. Do you think? What do you recommend with a budget of about 2,500 euros? The key points in order of importance are: graphics performance and rendering first, portability, weight, material, battery, aesthetics.

Alternatively, think it's better a slim version to reducing weight and footprint to increase portability? or rather take the best performing fat version? or even cancel the possibility of portability and decide to assemble a desktop with that budget ? What is better for good graphics and rendering performance? Which is the best choice? a laptop such as an Xps or similar, a gaming PC, or a workstation. Wich is better ? Help me.

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    Deciding between thinner and lighter laptops, or even a desktop, is up to you. These are personal preferences, and you did not add enough information to let others make that decision for you. Also, the scope of this site is rather narrow. First you decide what you want (thin&light, desktop replacement laptop, desktop PC...), then we can help you pick the parts. That being said, AMDs new 4000 series mobile CPUs have been met with glowing reviews lately. Once there is such a laptop with a better GPU than yours, it would definitely be worth considering. – user13807 Mar 31 at 22:23
  • I think my question is very clear. I asked for advice on what is best to work in 3D graphics to render and programs like blender. I also asked for these parameters what is the most suitable and logical choice at the expense of others. look at the third paragraph – Albizz Mar 31 at 22:34
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    I didn't comment to argue with you, just to let you know how you could improve your question in order to get better answers on this site. Or any answer for that matter. As it stands now, the scope of the question is not narrow enough, and/or lacks information. We can't tell you to buy a desktop PC just because it offers more performance per dollar, when you actually need a laptop to carry around with you. – user13807 Mar 31 at 23:11
  • Well, thank you. if there is something you did not understand about the question just ask. I also said my budget, therefore the question is implicit as to which is the best way to take with a similar budget, to get the best graphics performance. – Albizz Mar 31 at 23:24
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    "Just ask" isn't how SE works. I have given you pointers how to improve your question. To emphasize the problems once more: 1) Scope of the question is too broad. You want us to decide both between thin&light, DTR laptop and desktop. As well as HW recommendation for the given option. 2) Question lacks information. There is no info given that can let someone else decide whether you need a desktop or a laptop. As it stands, you need to make this decision, then ask which hardware to use. – user13807 Apr 1 at 7:47

Desktop/gaming/workstation PCs will nearly always outperform laptop and notebook machines, because you can drive their CPU and GPU to higher performance. Desktop machines have more robust cooling subsystems, so it's safer to run them at higher power consumption to reach greater performance.

'Mobile' processors from AMD and Intel have consistently under-performed their euro-value equivalent desktop/gaming/workstation processors, because they're designed to function at lower power levels.

As to choices within desktop PCs: Gaming machines in general are optimized for higher performance through overclocking. Workstations rarely have overclocking, and are very conservatively designed for stability. The answer depends on your tolerance for error.

As to which renders at higher performance for the same pile of euros, that would take defining more specifically what you wish to render, then searching for comparison studies of workstations of similar cost to gaming machines.

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  • With a similar budget, excluding the dekstop. what would you recommend between a gaming pc and a workstation, considering more or less what I have described? – Albizz Mar 31 at 23:43
  • Basically, what would you recommend as an alternative to the PC in my possession and with the budget I have? I don't think I asked such a vague question.With my budget, do you think I can find better for what I have to do? – Albizz Mar 31 at 23:51
  • Thank you for your answers, but I can’t see anything too useful. copy and paste what you have already said, but, to the question whether the PC in my possession was good for certain jobs or high-performance programs, I’m not getting any answers, nor any other affordable solutions. I don't think there is a need to give a rendering example, I have specified the high performance, so it means that I'm not talking about small things. what is an animation for you? I think you already need to have a lot of computing power to be able to render at a certain speed, fluidity, withstand a certain thermal – Albizz Apr 1 at 21:32
  • let's talk about 3D graphic animation therefore, creating landscapes, small or large animations does not have all this importance, in essence I asked for alternatives to the PC that I own with a budget that is close to the predetermined one that maybe can be better in some ways as for others no. the pc i have is good for the budget i spent compared to what is on the market, or i can find something more performing. the question is this.however , I think there are too many comments now. – Albizz Apr 1 at 21:33
  • Perhaps someone else can provide a more informed recommendation, for as a volunteer, I do not have the time to search for comparison studies of workstations of similar cost to gaming machines. – K7AAY Apr 1 at 21:39

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