I have a thinkpad t430s and i would like to add a second WiFi card where the msata slot is. I already have one intel 6205 in its Normal spot. if I buy the same model will it work for the other slot too? Or is it only for an msata SSD? And I would like to know a list of all whitelisted WiFi cards. I do NOT want to flash a custom bios!

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On T430s machines with three antenna connections, follow pages 72-78 of the Hardware Manual to add a second PCIe card.

However, if there's an MSATA drive card in there, you will need to remove the MSATA drive card, which would disable whatever OS is on there and make its data and apps inaccessible.

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    there actually is antenna wiring, 3 cables actually – Justan Ryan Mar 30 at 20:42
  • Amended the answer. – K7AAY Mar 31 at 15:32

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