I was searching for usb C male connector to do the following thing: I would like to use my Qi tag charger and at the same time have one usb port free for using it with the regular charger without unplugging the Qi tag.

For that, I will need a usb splitter but I can't find a good splitter. I found one for usb C audio and usb C charging and I remember some kind of connectors that have inside a female and at the same time they were male. I could solder the Qi tag to this splitter and it may be ok

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  • Qi is a standard for wireless loading of phones. But what is a "Qi tag charger"? Google does not know the terminology. – peterh - Reinstate Monica Mar 24 at 8:21
  • Just a splitter won't do what you want. You need a USB-C hub designed for this. Please click edit and provide more information on this 'tag charger'. – K7AAY Mar 24 at 16:28

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