LPD/LPR is a legacy network printing protocol on port 515.

You can use it on several systems with the lpr command, usually like that:

lpr -S -P PASS myfile.pdf

You need three things:

  • a server, this is your printer, on your network, listening on port 515
  • a queue name (here PASS), simple string configured on server side, this is an entry point
  • a file you want to print

My question is about the entry point.

Each vendor has its own default settings.


Do you have a Samsung printer?

What is the default queue name on Samsung (now HP)?


Tricky to find.

The answer looks to be PORT1.

Thanks to IBM https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/recommended-remote-printer-queue-rmtprtq-values-remote-output-queues-rmtoutqs1

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  • By the way, their lpd server don't seem to accept natively PS, PDF, PCL, XPS... I really don't know what format they accept. Any guy from Samsung here? – Sandburg May 5 at 8:39

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