I have an MBP for work. I want to have a dedicated development environment for private projects to not mess up my work setup. Also, I wanna run Linux (just Ubuntu something).

The MBP is currently connected via USB C 3.1 to a display featuring a USB hub providing mouse and keyboard connectivity. The nice thing here is, of course, that I only need to connect one single USB C cable to have these things:

  • video signal
  • power supply
  • connection to keyboard and mouse via USB hub

So, in a sense, it replaces a docking station.

First I thought about just buying a Dell XPS 13. I mean it runs Linux natively and has USB C 3.1. So I could just go ahead and switch between the MBP and the Dell.

Then I thought, why would I even need a laptop. I have an older notebook at home and a mini PC would be just enough.


Long story short, is there a mini PC (up to 900 Euro) out there with the following specs:


  • Video signal via USB C 3.1 DP (need to handle QHD 60Hz)
  • Able to run Ubuntu out of the box
  • Decent hardware for smooth development
  • Available for EU (shipment and power supply)
  • Wifi and Bluetooth

Kinda mandatory, but not a deal-breaker "in case":

  • Power supply via USB C

Nice to have, but optional:

  • VESA mountable

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Multiple Intel NUCs meet all those specifications, except for the power supply by USB-C (they all include their own power supply). Intel themselves confirms QHD compatibility on at least one model.

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