I bought an Asus Prime H310T R2.0 (specs) (manual) Mini-ITX motherboard.

1) What 17" displays are compatible with it?

2) Is an N173GE-L11 display compatible with it?

3) Anybody use this motherboard with LVDS-display directly?

4) What cable I need for connect N173GE-L11 with that Asus prime H310T R2.0?

5) All 40-pin LCDs have the BIST pin; should this pin must be not connected, or connected to ground?

  • 1) I can find a N173HGE-L11 google.com/search?q=N173HGE-L11 but don't find an N173GE-L11 google.com/search?q=N173GE-L11 except in Russian. 2) Is the LVDS you refer to a en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-voltage_differential_signaling between a motherboard's VGA video out and an LCD screen? Please advise. – K7AAY Mar 19 at 21:15
  • hardwarerecs.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic states explicitly... Quality Guidelines Your question on Hardware Recommendations should: Have a narrow scope - Only ask for one piece of hardware at a time and focus on what you need from that item. If you need multiple items, ask more than one question. Please click edit and copy the entire question, then make a new question. Only leave question #1 in this post; questions 2-5 belong in the new question, only. – K7AAY Mar 19 at 21:37

I can answer point 1 right away: Any stock 17" display with either HDMI input or DisplayPort input, of where there are many, many.

You could even reuse a DVI or VGA 17" monitor by using an HDMI-DVI, HDMI-VGA, DisplayPort-DVI or DisplayPort-VGA adapter, all of which will be expensive than an entire new monitor, should that be relevant.

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Yes. This motherboard is compatible with N173GE-L11 in dual-chanel mode, the bios have option - custom.

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