I am looking for a tablet, which I will use only for email and, possibly, browsing (reading news items only). No games, videos, music, etc.

Bluettoth is not required; I am undecided about a SIM card.

I would prefer Linux, but could live with Android out of the box, especially if I could install Linux over it.

The device should be large enough to read, but should fit inside a jacket pocket, so maximum size about that of a Kindle Paperwhite.

Battery life is of great importance to me, to the extent that I would prefer a back & white, or greyscale screen, if there were such a tablet.

The cheaper, the better, but features mentioned above take precedence.

End of question, only read further if you want an explanation.

Background: my current 'phone suffered an accident, and I am replacing it. It is a Ulefone Power with a 13,000 mAH battery (yup, you read that correctly). I generally charge it every 5 or 6 days (side note, I can heartily recommend all UleFone models; this is my 5th or 6th over the years. Affordable, full featured, cheap, but realisable).

As per my question How can I escape Google?, I don't want my soul tracked by Gogole, Facetweet, etc (I don't even use them - directly - but they are tracking me). So, I have decided to switch to a dumb 'phone.

I recall only ten years ago getting months between charges on a small, greyscale, Nokia, so will look for something similar.

I only really use a 'phone when job-hunting. Every 12 months or so, as I am freelance. A handful of people use WhatsApp, but I can retrain them to use SMS.

Beyond that, I have become accustomed to having email on the go, rather than just reading & replying when I get home of an evening. I have also taken to reading news headlines in the browser. A device that will let me do those with a modicum of privacy (let me worry about that) and a long battery life would be welcome.

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How about

  1. A Gemini (review) (review) with Debian or Sailfish installed
  2. a PinePhone (shipping now for early adopters)
  3. a PineTab (Real Soon Now)
  4. a DIY tablet based on a https://www.pine64.org/rockpro64/ with exactly the display, battery, and case you prefer (I've used cigar boxes)
  5. A Pi-based DIY handheld
  6. Installing the /e/ OS on 89 different phones of your choice, or
  7. a refurb with the /e/ OS overwriting all the phone-home-ware?
  • Great answer, thanks. D'oh! I had forgotten that I bought a Gemini when they were cheap during the funding campaign. I will dig it out & check out the battery life
    – Mawg
    Commented Mar 20, 2020 at 6:49

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