I have an OfficeCore M1 Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone, one of the features of which is an LED ring that lights up to indicate the direction of the speech input. I wanted to know whether it is possible to get this data on a level beyond simply observing the light, i.e. in some way usable by a program? If this particular speakerphone is incapable of doing this, is there any microphone/speakerphone that can reasonably pick up 360 degrees audio input and also process the direction from which it is coming in?

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Regarding the OfficeCore device: Not as per the FAQ at https://www.emeet.ai/Msupport.html , so suggest you contact the manufacturer's English-language office https://www.emeet.ai/ContactUS.html

However, you could consider hiring a hardware tech to add light sensors to the OfficeCore to capture the directional data, and using an Arduino or equivalent provide the data to you over another USB connection in the format you want.

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