This is for a desktop, do not plan any overclocking. Usage is primarily media consumption, photo/video editing, casual gaming. Operating system Windows 10 x64 Professional. Price range looking up to $200 USD. (Consider more for reliability benefit)

Planned components include:

Motherboard should include at least one USB3.1 Type A + Type C

Onboard Bluetooth & Wi-Fi is a plus but not a requirement.

I've been looking primarily at Gigabyte/ASUS boards (because that's what I'm familiar with) but the selection is overwhelming, and unfortunately spec sheets don't cover stability/reliability.

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The ASUS Sabertooth Z170 Mark I is what you are looking for. It is around $250 but what you are getting is worth the money. First of all, there is a plastic shield on the front for protection against the chips of the motherboard and there is a metal shield on the back to protect against ESD and board flex. The power delivery components are all tested with a military standard and a report sheet with the tests your motherboard passed is included. There are 2 small, but powerful, fans to cool the power delivery components to prevent them from overheating and extending their life span. It also comes with a 5 year warranty (2 more years than the standard boards).

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