I would like to know whether we can record audio in PC (again, not Android) using wireless headsets(inbuilt mic) which use bluetooth for connectivity. I am casting doubt because I read that they can be used only for calls not for audio recording (not talking about call recording because it's confusing). Also, I would like to know the quality difference between the audio recorded in wired one vs wireless one. Moreover, are wireless headsets generally compatible with all BIG 3 OS:- Windows, Android and iOS ?

  • Personally I've used the software "Audacity" in the past to record sound from a microphone. I assume that should also work with wireless headphones, though the ones I used were wired. Wireless bluetooth headsets should be compatible with all operating system. My wireless headset and headphones work perfectly with both Windows and Android. I don't have an iOS device to test with.
    – towe
    Jan 14 '20 at 10:35
  • Do you already have a headset you're trying to do this with? This seems like a technical support/info question, unless you are asking for a specific headset recommendation. (Make that clearer in your question if you are.) Super User would be more appropriate for asking this question. Before you ask there, be sure to state which Bluetooth adapter you want to use a headset with; This can be done, but the adapter & drivers must support the bluetooth headset.
    – Romen
    Jan 14 '20 at 22:47

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