I have an old PC, I want to use it to display some graphics on a remote display. The PC only has a vga connector on it, the display has either a vga or a dvi connector. The only network have is a 10 base-t network.

Are there any suggestions on how I could route a vga signal over a 10 base network?

I am aware the vga is some what old fashion, but most modern mini tower systems seemed to provide it as a default method of connecting.

I don't really want a PC sitting next to the monitor as its a public space, otherwise I would consider using something liker a rasberry pi box to host the software.

  • Can you give some more info on the PC? Could the PC be upgraded, if necessary? Unfortunately 10BASE-T is too slow to carry an uncompressed VGA signal, even at 30 Hz and in monochrome (18.432 Mb/s), so some compression will be necessary. If possible, it's probably easier to do whatever needs to be done in software rather than hardware. – JMY1000 Jan 13 at 18:34