I want to start my air conditioner at 7am in the morning, and via my phone when coming back from work.

So, I am looking for a device with the characteristics below:


  • Can connect to my home WiFi to receive instructions from the web.
  • Can switch on/off my air conditioner. And also my cell lighting if possible.
  • Can switch them on/off from a distance of 10 meters.
  • As small as possible.
  • As power-efficient as possible.
  • Using wall outlet electricity, not batteries.
  • Ideally contains a room temperature sensor.


  • The API should require authentication.
  • The API should be open and documented.


  • Open source apps should be available for Android, if possible for iOS too.
  • Maintained by a sizable community (commits by different people in the last few months).
  • Ideally the sources/schematics for the hardware should be open source too.

Appliances to control

  • Air conditioner: Fujitsu AS-J25C-W
  • Light (if possible): Panasonic HH-CC0834A

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