I am looking for a router with integrated vectoring DSL modem (100 Mbit/s) supporting Wi-Fi 6 i.e. the new IEEE 802.11ax standard.

It should have an officially supported option to login via SSH and ideally the vendor should have a good record of OpenWRT compatibility that is alternative router firmware.

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Unfortunately, what you are looking for does not yet exist. (Jan 2020)

Sorry it's not the answer you were looking for but it is the correct one.


  • You can find some Wifi 6 routers, like this one.

  • You are unlikely to find any that support ssh out of the box, but OpenWRT would give you this option. However, none are officially supported by OpenWRT yet: Table of hardware


There are no combined units yet available outside of using one provided by an ISP.

I would not recommend using a combined unit anyway. You would be much better off getting a good quality modem that is stand-alone.

  • My current modem has lasted me through 3 routers now as wifi speeds go up but the connection to my ISP remains below the peak of my modem.
  • Combined units will also be more expensive and outdated sooner.

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