I'm currently using a SATA HBA connected to my motherboard, but I now need the ability to connect some SAS drives, so I'm thinking that my best option is to swap it out for a SAS HBA (which to my understanding allows me to connect both SATA and SAS drives).

I don't need any sort of RAID configuration, and I intend to use it in what people are calling "IT Mode", but all the products that I can find seem to be pretty expensive.

I need the card to:

  • Support any (currently possible) size of drive
  • Be somewhat low-profile to fit in my relatively small mid tower
  • Avoid the compatibility problems with certain models and RPMs of drives highlighted in this question

Is there a cheap option for me that would satisfy the above criteria? My motherboard is limited to PCIe 2.0 if that affects the price at all. Thank you in advance, it's much appreciated.

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