I'm in the United States. My previous phone was an LG G4, I generally like LG's software, so another LG phone may be a nice option. Also, I'm using Verizon, so it has to work with Verizon. I'll just list some requirements and preferences.


  • High capacity battery, preferably 6000+ mAh, anything below 4000 mAh is an instant no. Even if the phone is efficient, I like to run stuff in the background and want my phone to last for over a day with heavy-ish use. If it comes with a low capacity and there's upgrade options, that's ok.

  • Must have USB-C.

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM.

  • Minimum 64 GB internal storage, more is nice.

  • Must support Vulkan and the latest Android.

  • Made in the last few years.


  • Rootable would be great, not a blocker though.

  • No notch.

  • SD card slot.

  • Headphone jack.

  • Replaceable/removable battery.

  • Don't care about camera quality, but it should at least have cameras.

  • IR emitter would be nice so I can use my phone as a TV remote, my current LG G4 has this.

  • Low cost ($500?) but if that's not possible I understand.

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