I need to replace the fuser roller for a Brother MFC-8950dw laser printer.

As genuine part, I can only find the full fuser/roller assembly which is expensive (around 200 USD).

Since the upper roller is OK as well as the fuser lamp, I want to purchase the pressure roller only.

Compatible pressure rollers can be found on AliExpress for around 12$/pce. I ordered one, which arrived damaged (packaging perforated and axis bent).

I observe that the axis of the genuine pressure roller is done of bright metal, which is probably iron, whilst the axis of the compatible roller is rougher and probably aluminium. I'm not sure if this will be a problem, but I assume iron being used for better stiffness.

It appears to me difficult to find the genuine rollers.

Are there some brands known for producing the rollers used by the OEM?

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