I want to use my nexus 5x to make presentations, but apparently, there is no video support. I tried an asus miracast dongle, but that is spotty at best. So it appears that my only good option is to use a chromecast device, but my university uses the 802.1x protocol, which chromecast apparently does not support.

Is there a way to use a travel router to do what I want? I see two options:

  1. The router does not connect to the internet and simply allows my phone and the chromecast to communicate. I don't know if chromecast needs internet access to work.

  2. It connects to the internet using the 802.1x protocol, but then provides a different protocol (11n, etc) for my phone and the chromecast.

Will either of these options work? Or some other setup? Specific hardware suggestions are of course welcome.


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