I'm looking for a device to emulate a dummy HDMI display where the image/video can be streamed over WiFi or ethernet either by exposing the stream thru WWW or IP to be then consumed by VLC for example.

To visualize the problem I want to solve: I have a stereo receiver (namely Onkyo TX-8270) that I use just for music and no more, i.e. I don't have a TV to connect to it. From time to time, this device asks me (via its LCD display) to take a look at TV as there's something to set or configure. Then I need to bring my computer LCD and connect it to the receiver to see some information and do some configuration. I may buy a small 7" HDMI display just for this purpose, but I was thinking that a device that could stream over WiFi or Ethernet a low quality video from this device would be a blessing for me - I could just point my laptop to an IP to see what's going on - 800x600 would be completely enough.

I already have HDMI->VGA adapter, so even something that could expose a VGA stream over IP would be nice. I know that my problem is very specific, but maybe there's something cheap that could do the job. I've already googled but nothing came out or I didn't look properly.

Any ideas? I've a spare Raspberry Pi Zero if there was no such thing and some DIY required.

  • If you had to go the DIY route I think you could use one of those HDMI capture cards (Elgato, Avermedia, etc.) and a mini PC (something faster than Raspberry Pi) to forward the capture device's stream over IP. The cost of hardware to get all of that running sounds like it would be more expensive than a small HDMI display. – Romen Dec 2 '19 at 16:26

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