Are there monitors, preferably wall-mounted, where one can upload files e.g. from an USB-stick for a presentation without connection to a PC or Laptop?

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    A TV would do this just fine (images/videos). Anything more complicated like a PDF/Powerpoint/Web will require a computer. You could use a Raspberry Pi which is a computer with the size of your hand so you're not limited with TV functionalities.
    – CaldeiraG
    Nov 12 '19 at 11:44

There are various media players for ~US$35 and up that can play a presentation in a standard video format, e.g. MP4 or AVI, through a television, if the TV does not already have that capability. If the presentation is in another format, e.g. MS PowerPoint or LibreOffice Impress, you'd need a small PC, such as @CaldeiraG suggests.

Another option might be a large tablet computer, with LibreOffice installed.

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