I want to build and program a small computer so that it can receive an HDMI video signal and apply frame interpolation (by frame blending) in real time. The new signal is then going out of another HDMI connection.

For this purpose, I'm asking you to recommend me a PCI-e HDMI capture card that can do the following:

  • Receive a video signal via an HDMI in connection (4K @ 60 fps at most)

  • Give access to the audio and individual video frames so they can be read by a program (executed on the motherboard's cpu or a graphics card)

  • Low latency from receiving a video frame (via the HDMI connection) to making it available to be read by a program

There are many HDMI capture cards on the market but my fear is that most are built specifically for the purpose of recording the video signal into a file and nothing else. Thus I don't know if they provide an interface to read the video signal in realtime.

If you know of other ways than using a PCI-e HDMI capture card then please tell me.

  • Many of the PCIe capture cards install a DirectShow filter as part of their driver. That would be an interface to capture frames in real-time. – Romen Sep 17 '19 at 17:21

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