I'm a web developer and I work most of the time at home. I need a web server to store my software and be able to work on the code while I'm at home and outside. I also need a NAS to store my personal data that I want to share inside my LAN but definitely not outside.

The question is: is it overkill in terms of security to have 2 machines for that? I mean a Synology shared via OpenVPN to store the software and the web server, and a DIY Windows 10 machine to store my data without any port open for the outside?

  • Your question in its current form is a bit off-topic. No, its not overkill, as there are cheap and efficient means to accomplish this. If your question was asking for specifics on what hardware would help to accomplish, that would make it more meaningful. – user1691 Sep 3 '19 at 14:39

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