I would like to control a Raspberry Pi 4 with my smartphone (for my drone). Now I'm looking for an interface between the RPi and my Android phone.


  • Control with a web interface or app
  • Range: at least 1 km (0.62 miles).
  • Data rate: I don't need a high data rate, because I don't want a camera live stream. I only want to send small commands, like forward, backward, ...
  • Fast connection -> max. 0.5 second: Phone -> RPi
  • No license (for special frequencies)
  • One-time purchase -> No monthly fees

Here are some that I have looked at, but do not meet my requirements:

- Use a sim card for the RPi:

  • Websocket connection over a server -> web interface
  • Unlimited range
  • Monthly fees

- Use the RPi as Access Point

  • Connect the phone with the RPi-Wifi -> web interface
  • I think: to low range

- Connect my phone with a self-built antenna e.g. with RFM95W

  • Connect the antenna with USB-C to my phone
  • App
  • I must program a driver

- Bluetooth

  • To low range

Thanks for your Hardware Recommendations!

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