I have a Samsung S8 +. I don't need all its features - I'll list below what matters.

The problem is, the back construction. It's glass. Glass! The most slippery, easily dropped, expensive item many people own - and they made the back of glass. Fashion vs functionality. The function of the back is presumably to protect the innards. This one fails.

Is there a similar specced smartphone out there, that does have a metal back and sides? And ideally, not beyond my budget 2nd hand pristine, in the UK?

I should add, that I've tried a few rear case/protector/battery supplements instead. But TPU rear case didn't protect enough, and a battery pack rear case which was really well built, the driver just wont recognise the phone when I connect USB to the case, with the phone inside, so I cant use USB. Also the battery add-on types usually aren't waterproof although the phone is, and if it's permanently in use, thats no good. If there's a good S8+ rear-and-sides case, that's really robustly built, that's an equally valid option I guess?


Key requirements:

  1. Build material: Metal, rubber or other non-shatterable back and sides. Not glass.
    Please god, not glass.
  2. IP rated waterproof >= 1 m: IP 67/68/69/MIL or similar
  3. Has an official or unofficial LineageOS 16 build: on xda developers or elsewhere, or runs AOSP or other community maintained or reliably updated version of Android.
    This would take a lot of checking, but if I have model suggestions, I can check it myself. But any that cant somehow run Lineage or other aftermarket ROM that's an AOSP-variant, I wouldn't buy, so if it's known they don't, then ignore it.
  4. CPU/memory/storage: >= 8 core, >= 3 GB RAM, >= 64 GB ROM
  5. Physical and screen size: Screen similar or a little larger (esp wider) than S8+. For reference S8+ is 160x74 mm total size, and 158mm screen diagonal. I could go a little wider or narrower if needed, but that sort of size.
  6. Appropriate for UK market: Every country has different bands in use. So a phone that's sold in the UK, or known to target UK users/networks.

"Nice to have" extras:

  1. Comprehensive GPS - BeiDou, Galileo, Glonass, etc, ideally.
  2. CPU Brand: Qualcomm or Exynos CPU > 2200 MHz (some MediaTek are said to be a bit less well engineered or capable, not sure how true that is)
  3. SD Card slot, unless >= 128 GB storage.


My S8+ was about UK £240 network locked + pristine used off EBay. I'd be looking for pristine (zero cracks/issues, don't care if locked as long as unlockable in principle).

My budget goes from £220-260 (fine), to £290-300 (ouch but yeah), and then to £330-340 (starts to be no, too much).

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