I use Logitech media server, installed on a NAS, to stream music. I like using my android tablet to control the server. And I would like to always see what track is playing. But I don't like to keep the tablet's screen on in the background for long periods of time, in order to conserve the battery. I could buy another, cheap, tablet and keep it always plugged in to the mains, but I would prefer that it wouldn't have a battery (out of concerns that it might overheat or explode).

So, is there a cheap, small device with a screen and wifi, that doesn't have a battery and runs connected to the mains? Something like a mounted wall display, I guess.

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  • Have you tried using apps that keep your Android screen alive? Such as: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.synetics.stay.alive One thing to be careful of however is damaging your screen/device as most devices (if not all) are not designed to stay on for extended period of times. – TheJulyPlot Aug 14 at 9:14
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    there are many ways to keep android's screen awake. But I'd like to find a device that doesn't have a battery, so I don't have to think when to charge it and so on. I'm ok with a stationary device that is always plugged in. – mnd Aug 14 at 9:49

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