I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab-"E". It is pretty small and light weight. about 8.5"x 5.25". I carry the tablet just about everywhere with me but only use it for web browsing and watching videos which I have on an SD card.

Does anyone know of a replacement I can buy so I can run native Linux? I use mint and Debian at home, I don't like the bloat-ware that comes on the Samsung tablet.

I was thinking about getting a small laptop, but then it will be heavy and it will need to boot when I want to use it. This is inconvenient.

  • check out what hardware Sailfish OS/ Jolla runs on. Some Sony phones can be adjusted to run Jolla, not sure about tablets. jolla.com
    – JL Peyret
    Aug 14 '19 at 4:50

I have not find any tablets form the market with Linux pre installed, if we do not count some originally Windows based notebooks ( with touch screen ).

But if you go the knowledge you could try installing for example Ubuntu with Gnome 3 to your current tablet, or buy new tablet and install Linux on that.

There is many guides in the internet, but please be careful, because you may make your devices unbootable if you are not careful.

If you wish to try installing Linux on your Android tablet please make lot of research about the subject, i have not tried this by my self, but i know it to be possible.

Here is some information about the subject.

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