I'd like to look for a job as a Xamarin.Forms or a Xamarin.iOS developer and I'd like to create some Xamrin.Forms or Xamarin.iOS applications to put them in my CV so the companies can see my programming style and if they like it to contract me. But as I am more familiar with Windows operating system and Visual Studio and the description of the development of Xamarin.Forms applications on Mac seems very confusing plus Mac computers are more expensive than Windows computers. I'd like to know if there is a way to develop a Xamarin.Forms or Xamarin.iOS application in Windows in Visual Studio and then run it on some Android, Windows and iOS simulator to see how it looks like. I don't need to upload it to the Apple Play Store I only want to upload it to GitHub so it can be seen by companies. I saw various similar questions on internet but the answers seemed very contradictory and they were answered years ago and I am thinking maybe things have changed and now it is possible.

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