I know there are some circuits on the internet which can do that but I want more specific one.

What I want

I have a board which works as described in this image: enter image description here now I want to reset the system by microcontroller and just use one I/O for that purpose. because the circuit needs 2Amps on its peak, so I thought maybe I can use a relay after adapter which its NC mode connects the adapter to the regulators, and by triggering the regulator it will disconnect the adapter from the regulator so the system will go down and then because the microcontroller is off and there isn't any trigger, the relay will go back to NC mode and now the system has been restarted.


the problem is that I'm afraid of timing. I mean what if the microcontroller turns off sooner than modules(because the circuit has several capacitors) so modules won't be restarted completely. so for that I need the relay keep triggered for 0.5 or 1 second after the system has turned off.

Do you have any suggestion? don't forget that I need simplest circuit that is possible


You can use a time delay relay. This works exactly like a normal relay, except that you can set the delay after when it should be activated.

  • thanx for your answer. I thought about using LM555 and delay relay is basically a LM555 connected to a relay. so I was wondering if it would be a simpler circuit because I wanna do a simple job - having an imprecise delay - which seems can be done by an RC. so I will wait few days before accepting your answer. thanx again – amin Aug 13 '19 at 22:10

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