I need to design an embedded system using raspberry pi, it's basically a small box (of a width that's arround 25cm), which contains a certain number of slots.

I need to place some transportables small radius cylinders (about some 10mm) objects as shown in the picture which must be uniquely identified (the objects can be removed and some others will come to take place).

I've thought about using RFID tags for this purpose, but i've only used RC522 and as i've got some constraints (width) this is not really going to fit there in the slots.

What kind of hardware would your recommand me ?

By the way, another solution is to use only 1 RFID reader that's supposed to read any RFID tag inserted in a slot, but i have no idea about available hardware for this architecture.

Any other recommandation about some other technologies is welcome also, the only thing that must be respected is that each object placed inside a slot must be uniquely identified (by something that it holds like a rfid tag emeeter).

Thanks in advance

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