I have years of experience with aircooled systems and i have build about 10 systems in my life, but now is time to upgrade my own system for first time in 6 years and im going to go all out with water cooling for first time.

Yes i'am an PC enthusiast, please don't judge me, I just love building stupid systems, but now i would need advice with the water cooling.

I want to know what kind of head pressure i do need with system like this ? What is the best pump for my loop, may add more GPUs / other components in future.

I know that my planed system is not good price to performanse and i have like 60 % more cooling that i should have, but i am just intrested in building the system, i know that one 360mm rad would be optimal for one GPU & CPU.

Here is the system im planing to go for. I have my 1080 Ti asus turbo from my old system ( found full water block for it )

  • i9-9900K ( covered by mono block )
  • Asus 1080 ti Turbo ( full block )
  • Asus Rog XI extreme ( with EK waterblocks mono block )
  • 2 X XSPC EX480 low profile ( 35.5 mm thick )
  • Hard tubing ( PETG )
  • Thermaltake Level 20 XT big cube case.
  • Some flow meter ( not sure about model yet )
  • Another GPU in future posibly.

Both radiators will be installed to the sealing of the case ( top ).

I have used now about tree weeks to absorbing as much information about the water cooling as possible, but im not completely sure what kind of pump power i need, does one D5 pump do the job or do i need more ?

Originaly i was thinking some alphacool resorvour D5 pump combo by not so sure after i desided to add another rad just for fun basicly.

Cooling component list currenlty

(EDIT) Would something like this ( 5.2m head pressure ) be enough right ? (/EDIT)

Could not find any good tags for the post eather. No liquid cooling or something like that. Sorry for messy post, bad grammas and typos not my native languange.

Best regards, Visdmin


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