I bought a new Inverter (Onduleur) 500VA/300W since I have occasional power failure at home. My setup has 100VA approx including a computer (3A, 19V) with its monitor (1.5A, 19V) and a router.

A new red spot light coming out of my motherboard is flashing from time to time (near the blue light which indicates that the power is on). I did my reseaches and found that it could be the CPU overheating or a faulty power (2nd option is more likely the case since the red light appeared once I conncected the inverter).

With all that being said, what are your recommendations? Is it risky for my setup? What's the best solution/option?

Thank you in advance.

  • How long do these outages last? You can just buy a 500va,1000va, or even 1500va UPS from APC or etc. Use standard outlet plugs on the UPS, and there's no risk. – cybernard Oct 21 '19 at 0:56

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